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Welcome back to the start of a very busy year! We hope you'll check in regulary to see what we've been getting up to. Here we go....
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Sponsored Zumba Fitness - Thursday 18th May 2017
In order to raise funds for the Parents' Support Group all the classes took part in a sponsored Zumba session on Thursday. We had a very energetic session with lots of imaginative dance moves! We rounded off the session with some delicious and nutritious fruit and vegetable snacks, may thanks to the kitchen staff for helping us to recuperate. 
UNICEF Needs and Wants - Wednesday 17th May 2017
As part of our Rights Respecting Schools and Global Learning initiatives we were introduced to the idea of 'needs' and 'wants' when thinking about our human rights. We worked in groups to discuss what we considered to be a 'need', that is a basic human right and a 'want', something we can live without. We talked through each card in turn sharing our reasons for placing it in a need or want pile. It produced some very through the provoking discussions, even what the image on the card might mean. Next we used diamond nine ranking to organise our need cards from the most to least important.
Ye - Ha! Production underway - May 2017
We'll keep it under wraps for now but we are very busy preparing for our end of year production, the western themed, Ye - Ha! Do come and join us on the 25th but for now a few snaps to keep you guessing.
Service of Light - Wednesday 26th April
As part of their Confirmation preparation the children will have their Service of Light tonight at 7pm. We hope this will help them on their faith journey.
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M & M Theatrical Productions presents Treasure Island - Thursday 27th April
On Thursday the school were treated to a wonderful production of Treasure Island. The four person, Ayr based production team entertained us with their interpretation of the classic play. Primary 7 were lucky enough to be given a workshop on preforming techniques afterwards with each cast member providing insider knowledge and tips, all very helpful as we embark on our own end of year production. 
Cereal Book Box Reviews - March 2017
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Percussion Workshop - Tuesday 14th March 2017
We were very lucky to have a percussion workshop with local musician, Emma King, who is currently on tour with the hit musical, STOMP! Emma taught us to how to create musicial patterns with brushes and our own body by simply counting a beat! We created different patterns of a four beat and put it all together, who would have thought brushes would have been so effective at making music? We had a fantastic morning, thank you Emma!
Science Day - Tuesday 14th March 2017
This year we linked science day with our new rainforest topic and investigated plants. We dissected  flowers to find the various parts, carried out investigations with food dye to see how plants drank water and carried out investigations to see shoot and root growth. We're all feeling a lot more knowledgeable about the characteristics of living things!
Rainforest Art - Tuesday 7th March 2017
For the next six weeks we will have artist Lisa Brady visit our class each Tuesday morning. We started with our new topic, Rainforests, looking at the work of Henri Rosseau and created rainforest scenes using oil pastels covered with an Indian wash. We were very proud of the fantastic results. 
Under the Hawthorn Tree Animations - Wednesday 1st March 2017
On Wenesday we used Lego movie in groups to each recreate a chapter from our class novel we have read this term, Under the Hawthorn Tree. We created our own props and background carefully moving the characters to retell that chapter. Later we edited them adding in sound, voice overs, considered the speed and colour tones. It was a great way to retell the famous story of life during the Irish Famine.
Book Fair Competition Winners - Tuesday 28th February 2017
Well done to Amy, Laura, Liam and Lucy who were this years Book Fair winners for their narrative writing in our current topic, Victorians and the Irish Famine. Congratulations you lot and keep up the excellent effort!
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Quadrilateral Cards - Monday 27th February 2017
This week in maths we will be looking at shape and today we learnt about bisecting lines in quadrilateral shapes. We used the rules of the card game gin rummy to try and beat our opponents by getting two tricks, four cards with the properties of one particular four sided shape. Things got a little heated!
Bee Safe - Thursday 9th February 2017
On Thursday we travelled to the Presybterian Hall in Clough joining other local primary schools for a very informative morning about keeping ourselves safe out and about especially as we progress into secondary school. There were various different agencies each with a different message about keeping safe. We leant about keeping safe online from Police officers, how to behave appropriately on the bus from Translink, safety around electricity from NIE, farm safety, fire and carbon monoxide safety. We're all more aware of how to keep ourselves safe from danger.
Ulster American Folk Park - Wednesday 8th February 2017
As part of our current topic, Victorians and the Irish Famine, we travelled to Omagh to visit the Ulster American Folk Park and partake in their tour, Hawthorn Days, based on the best selling book. We travelled around the various houses sampling what life would have been like and how difficult and desperate the situation must have been. We boarded the ship to America, the land of dreams and could see for ourselves the opportunities availabile to those who were lucky to survive the journey. It was a wonderful trip to really bring the topic alive!
Philosophy for Children - Tuesday 7th February 2017
Using Philosophy for Children strategies we looked in depth at the poem, My Mother saw a Dancing Bear, by Charles Causley. We worked in pairs and small groups to unpick the meaning of the poem asking many thought provoking questions, we found that not necessarily is a poem what it may seem at first. 
Spare a penny.... Monday 6th February 2017
Continuing from maths day on Friday and raising money for the NSPCC the whole school gathered together all the pennies we had to recreate our school crest. Have a look for yourself...
Victorian Artefacts Talk - Down County Museum - Thursday 2nd February 2017
This afternoon we had a visit from Linda McKenna from the Down County Museum in Downpatrick. She brought lots of interesting Victorian objects for us to have a look at, taking each one in turn and talking us through them. It was very informative and an insight into how very different life was compared to today. 
Lightening the Load, Peer Marking - Thursday 2nd February 2017
Before swimming this morning we all gave a helping hand by marking each other's work. We each read through another child's diary entry themed from our class novel, Under the Hawthorn Tree, and marked it with the criteria of two things we thought they did well, connect to our WILF and one thing we thought would have made it even better. Miss Magee was delighted!
NSPCC Workshop - Wednesday 1st February 2017
This afternoon we welcomed back the NSPCC for our workshop about keeping safe and who to talk to. This time we looked at the different types of abuse, how to recognise them and who to talk to. We were given different scenarios to discuss in our groups and talked though how they would make us feel. We all have a better understanding of who to talk to for help.
Police Visit Online Safety - Wednesday 1st February 2017
On Wednesday morning we had visit from two local police officers to talk about the importance of online safety and how to protect ourselves when surfing the net. We learnt about the importance of keeping personal information private, not posting images of oursleves or our friends and how to get support if we see anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. 
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BBC Terrific Science Live Lesson - Tuesday 31st January 2017
On Tuesday we logged in to the BBC website to watch a live science lesson all about our taste buds and how we can alter our taste. The investigations were very exciting and hopefully we'll have a chance to carry them out in our own classrooms soon!
Full Attendance Awards - Friday 27th January 2017
Congratulations to Joseph Hale and Jessica Hilland who both recieved special certificates of full attendance from September to December 2016 - a fantastic achievement, well done! Let's hope we see a few more faces for next term!
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NSPCC Assembly - Friday 27th January 2017
Today we had a very informative assembly from the NSPCC. We talked about the different worries that children might have, the different people who they could talk to and learnt about the support that childline can provide. We look forward to welcoming them back next Wednesday for a workshop afternoon. 
Maths Problem Solving - Friday 20th January 2017
On Friday we used the strategy of logical reason to work through some maths problems. We had to use our understanding of number properties, number patterns and shape as well as team work to help each other out, it certainly kept our brains busy!
Cross Stitching - Friday 13th January 2017
As part of our new topic, Victorians and the Irish Famine, and enjoying a bit of girl time while the boys were visiting De La Salle the girls tried their hand at the Victorian pastime of cross stitching. It took a bit of getting used to, mainly the trick of treading the needle! Have a look at us go...
Christmas Dinner - Tuesday 20th December 2016
Wishing you all a very, very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, hope Santa brings lots of lovely gifts 🎅🏼🎄🎁🎉 Enjoy the break and see you all again in 2017! 
Santa's Visit - Friday 16th December 2016
Christmas Crafts
To help us get into the festive spirit we turned our hand to some Christmas crafts. We designed our own nativity Christmas cards, used lollipop sticks to re-create the Christmas scene in the stable, used paper crafting to make Angels and even got some festive maths in using co-ordinates. We've had a busy few weeks!
Christmas Tree Festival - Thursday 1st December 
We were lucky to be invited to the Christmas Tree Festival "To Bethleham and Beyond" at Newcastle Presbyterian Church on the first day of the Christmas month. We really enjoyed looking at all the wonderfully creative displays, looking at each trees particular decorations and considering the message each brings. Thank you to the Presbyterian Church for inviting us along, it certainly put us in the Christmas spirit!
Shimna College Taster Day - Friday 25th November
We had a busy day sampling what life is like at Shimna College in Newcastle. Our schedule was packed with many varied and exciting lessons from maths, home economics and technology. We were escorted round by two Shimna students who helped us to navigate our way around the building, it really gave us a taste for secondary school. Thank you to the staff and students at Shimna College for such a wonderful day. 
Halloween Party 👻🎉🎃🎊 - 28th October 2016
Viking Technology - Making Viking Longboats - 25th October 2018
Viking Science Day - 18th October 2018

We had a busy day investigating facts from the Viking era and putting these to scientific testing! We looked more closely at the width to length ratio of longships using this to help us workout what different longships were used for. Our second investigation focuses on buoyancy, we used plasticine to see the effects of surface area on wether an objected floated or sank. Later we discussed food preservation in Viking times, we found that without fridges or freezers Vikings used salt to stop their food from spoiling, we tested this on a piece of cucumber. Lastly we conducted a fair test, talking about the one variable we would change in order to observe changes fairly. We cut up an apple and placed it into different solutions to observe changes thought out the week. 

European Day of Languages - Sweden

26th September 2016


Today we joined the rest of the school in celebrating the differen European languages. We chose Sweden to tie in with our Viking topic. We dressed up in Viking attire, made a traditional Viking apple juice and painted our Viking brooches. We visited Newcastle beach to each select a stone which we later decorated with Viking monsters, the Vikings used these to tell stories. A great day was had by all.

Viking Brooches

23rd September 2016


We designed and made our own Viking brooches. Hopefully they'll be dry by Monday so we can paint them and show you how they turn out!

Group Posters

23rd September 2016


This week we worked in groups to research an aspect of Viking life - food, fashion, jobs, hobbies, religion, longboats and weapons. We used books, the Internet and our own topic books to source the information and carefully thought about the layout of our non-fiction texts. Next week we hope to present these to Mrs Mahon's class, what do you think of our finished pieces? 

Map Work

19th September 2016


We used atlases to locate the countries the Vikings came from and those they invaded. Do you know where they came from? 

Vikings Invade

12th September 2016


Our first topic this year is the vicious Vikings. We kicked off by looking at the the type of people the Vikings were, where they came from and how they lived. After looking at various patterns we created our own Viking shields and Viking people for our class display which we hope to show you very soon.