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Fun in the snow.

Fun in the snow. 1
Fun in the snow. 2
Fun in the snow. 3
Fun in the snow. 4
Fun in the snow. 5
Fun in the snow. 6
Fun in the snow. 7
Fun in the snow. 8
Fun in the snow. 9
Fun in the snow. 10

Fractions - Monday 20th November


We created our own fraction walls to help us work out which fractions were bigger or smaller and those that were the same.

Advent candles - Tuesday 14th November


Halloween Party - Friday 27th October


Senses walk artwork - Monday 23rd October 


After our senses walk last week we took a day to explore some of the objects we gathered in more detail. We looked closely at the branches, pine cones and leaves we had collected and completed observational drawings, looked at different lines, markings and drawing techniques. This all helped us to create large group art works. Have a look, aren't they wonderful!


Senses walk to Tipperary Woods - Wednesday 18th October 


As part of our topic, learning about senses we talked over to Tipperary woods to explore what we could see, hear, smell and touch. It was really nice to stop, pause and reflect on what our senses would tell us!

Library trip - Thursday 5th October


For the next three weeks we will be visiting the library each Thursday morning. We'll be learning all about the services the library provides, the different types of books and how we can borrow books from the library.

Doubling and halving game - Tuesday 3rd October

School Council Electons - Monday 25th September


Today was a very exciting day especially for Primary 4 as we held our school council elections. It's the first time our class have cast their votes. We each had to vote for one girl and one boy, we'll await the results with excitement!

Measuring our heights - Tuesday 19th September


As part of our topic 'Mighty Me' we measured the heights of the people at our table, in cm and m, and gathered the information to create a bar graph. 

Tag Rugby - Wednesday 13th September


For the next four weeks P4 are lucky enough to have coach Dan teach us the skills and techniques involved in rugby.

Maths Problem Solving - Tuesday 5th September


To tick start our brains back into gear after the summer break we used our Issac nine cube to sort and solve some number and shape puzzles. The other half of the class worked systemically to solve number bonds using a set of three cubes. Have a look at us in action!

Welcome back! We're really excited to start back to a new school year and hope you check in to see what we get up to.
Picture 1